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Statements collected from the audience following the concert by Soul Funk Factory on October 13, 2023, at Bateau EL Alamein in Paris. The opportunity was too good to miss! IMAGINE. You've just attended a concert, and you're given 'carte blanche' to give your opinion. You're still in the concert atmosphere. You haven't surfaced yet, and you're asked for your opinion. No time to prepare a response... So you say what you thought. Without filter, without being 'politically correct,' you simply express the emotions that passed through you... SOUL FUNK FACTORY Recorded during the concert on October 14, 2023, Bateau El Alamein Paris 13th Arrondissement Production and Editing / LAPRORAD STUDIO Sound Engineering and Mixing / PATRICE GUIGUE Copyright 2023 SOUL FUNK FACTORY.

All we need

Release in June 2022

After the notable release of the track 'Révolution' in 2020, the Nancéen group returns with a new Extended Play 'ALL WE NEED.' Soul Funk Factory continues at its pace to reveal ever eclectic facets of their work. 'All we need' creates a dream bridge between the punch of raw funk, the soul purity, and the fervor of rhythm and blues. 'Celebrate,' 'Feel your love,' 'Moove On,' 'Soul 4 funk,' 'Parent's love'... Everything is there. Produced independently, 'All we Need' carries the ambition of sharing the frenetic energy of live performances. In a word, it's a very groovy EP that allows discovering the unique sound of this group at the crossroads of modernity and tradition. Thus, 'Celebrate' in its very danceable register with current urban sounds, and a more traditional yet effective track like 'Moove on,' express all the remarkable and complex musicality of the group. So imagine when it stretches over more than seven minutes with 'Soul 4 Funk,' which offers a musical journey in the purest spirit of 70s funk... And while we're at it, the elegant and energetic soul of 'Feel your love' also highlights the quality of the compositions. From there, you have the summary of the main 'fault' of this album: A seriously groovy sound. With optimism deeply ingrained, they took advantage of the forced pause of COVID to take time for reflection and refocus on the essential. Thus, under the guise of infectious groove, striking riffs, and catchy melodies, this EP achieves the feat of addressing fundamental values. Values ​​such as friendship, love, hope, and self-confidence that shape our existence and especially its trajectory. 'All we need' is undoubtedly Soul Funk Factory's first meeting with its audience.


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Built around human values and enriched by the solid experiences of its members, the collective offers original compositions where soul melody and funk energy serve the emotion... In December 2016, following a classified ad, Rémy Mukenge (Lead vocals/Keyboard) crossed paths with Sébastien Crémades (bass). 'Groove enthusiast.' This first musical encounter marked the birth of the collective, which continued to grow with the arrivals of Jean Pierre Trento (Drummer), Pierre Philippe Fady (Guitarist), and Jonathan Remillon (Keyboard).

Nurtured by the greatest (Bill Withers, The Meters, Parliament, Stevie Wonder, Marcus Miller...), the passionate members of this collective have only one obsession... Producing melodies, groove, groove, and more groove... The Soul Funk Factory collective takes the audience on a journey into its soulful and funky universe. Marked by funk influences from the 70s and a love for groove, this funky group from Nancy offers a condensed dose of good 'VIBES.' A raw vibe through roots funk sometimes tinged with blues and jazz. A refined vibe thanks to modern soul that gives prominence to melody and feeling. A collective with a unique and remarkable identity built around the association of seasoned musicians, working towards a common ambition: ...To share emotion and groove...


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